I paint from memories. Compiling fragments of everyday life from magazines, newspapers, websites and individual experiences. I work on canvas, paper, objects and the walls that support them to create diaristic narratives in which imagery and text take equal weighting. Connected by gestural brushstrokes as opposed to any chronological order, these overlapping outputs have become my way of not only reproducing reality but understanding it. It is a process that allows me to objectively view my state of mind. Yet at the same time what emerges reflects a sense of losing myself in the landscapes, events or relationships I recall passing through. For me, the specific form of nostalgia that results from painting, conjoins past and present in a pleasurable present-day moment. So, I am driven to repeat this feeling over and over in acts of mark-making.

I am always looking for associative scenes and moments. However, I am aware that the memories I gather are not factual but have are subject to social, cultural and embodied influences. Our recollections are selective both unconsciously and consciously. My retellings therefore necessarily become constructions: fabricated stories over which I have control. They generate new understanding of both individual and collective histories as pictorial representations spontaneously triggered by material or environmental properties enter the frame of prepared drawings. I continue to

Explore this distorted dimension through representation that is not governed by any fixed perspective, attempting to devise a method of organizing invisible dimensions of time, object and experience in a mind’s eye view.