##Bio Everyday half-remembered memories translated into a visual image using simple gesture and reacting to the further properties of the paint, simple.

Born in Tokyo in 1987, currently live in London UK. Studying at Wimbledon College of Art MA Painting. Finished B.A. in Fine Art at Musashino Art University Tokyo in 2012.

Solo Exhibition 2018 “The moss of the rock” Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo
2017 “Absurd daily life between June 17th and February” Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2016 “Addiction and the wall” Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2015 “Mio Ebisu” at Monacle Deli, England, UK
2014 “Kaden” at taimatz, Tokyo, Japan
2014 “Ebisu Mio” by Tokyo Designers Week, Tokyo, Japan
2013 “Sunshine and Air” at Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2012 “Delicious water” at Bambinart Galley, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibition

2017 “What we can do in the desert if our password is weak and we are stuck offline” Everybody Needs Art, Budapest, Hungary 2017 片山正通的百科全書 ” Life is hard…Let’s go shopping.” Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2107 Skateboard exhibition Das Gift, Berlin, Germany 2016 “Ongoing Collective” Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan 2016 “Ortstermin 2016-Flucht und Identität” das atlier, Berlin 2014 “assure oneself of ○○princess“ at JIKKA, Tokyo, Japan 2014 Group Show at Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan 2014 “A power of one piece of painting” at Monkey Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2014 “Tsugihagi Amatory” at artspace tetra, Hakata, Japan 2014 ”3331Art Fair Various Collectors Prizes” at Arts Chiyoda 3331, Tokyo, Japan 2013 “Why not live for art?” at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Japan 2012 “Through the wood” by Towada Art Centre collaborated with Yoshitomo Nara solo exhibition, Aomori, Japan 2012 “Geisai#16 at Tokyo, Japan

Participated Project 2017 “Soramame” Liebig12, Berlin, Germany 2017 “HOFFNUNG3000” Berlin, Germany
2017 “Body at play” Platform 05, Beppu, Japan
2017 “Ears are Watching, Eyes are listening”, Blockhouse, Tokyo, Japan
2016 “VERANTWORTUNG 3000” Brandenburg, Germany
2015 “Soramame” at Fundevogel, England, UK
2014 “Noise Above Noise” at The Penthouse, Manchester, UK
2014 “Fujisan Geijutsu Mura Artist in Residence” Yamanashi, Japan
2014 “ZINE’S MATE” Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014 Tokyo, Japan
2013 “Beppu Meets Art” Designed gift box and biscuit.Collaborate with Patisserie Yumenoki organised by Beppu Project.Oita, Japan
2013 “Sunshine and Air” at Zamworl Museum, Korea as Residency
2013-2014 Kiyoshima Apartment as Artist Residency, Oita, Japan

I have been aiming for light painting, seeking what gives a painting a light feeling, even with complex scenes or subjects.For me, lightness is a floating/unstable image, drawn from memory, not directly from reality. The atmosphere at the time you remember something rather than observing a photo/image, trying to draw a vague memory.How the scene looked at that time for me as a way to express how a moment was.

Painting is my core form of expression, I bring into my practice ideas of gesture and movement, space is important, the space around a painting and within, Viewer experience and translating my memory to them.